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Healthy Home

At Cre8tive Gems we provide products to pamper yourself and your home... naturally, here are some great healthy home products that we have come across that will help you to look after you and your family naturally, while being kind to the environment.

  • Cotton Cloths - 100% hand knitted cotton wash cloths. They absorb moisture quickly, do not tear and are machine washable.

  • Potty Pods - Gentle on the environment, tough on toilets. Great for absorbing odours and removing stains, make our potty pods your go-to for cleaning your toilet, chemical free!

  • Shake & Vac -Just shake over your carpet, leave for a couple of minute and then vaccum it up to help elimiate lingering odours and make you home smell fresh.

  • Stainless Steel pegs - Say goodbye to broken/sun damaged plastic pegs or moudly wooden pegs. These durable, unbreakable and rustproof little beauties may look small, but they are mighty. Available in 3 sizes for all sized washing!

  • Reuseable bags - These compact foldable, great quality, colourful and easy to carry around reuseable bags are a waste free eco friendly alternative to plastic bags.

  • 3d printed pots -Bring new life to your succulents/plants and a whole heap of fun to your home with our recycled plastic planters. New Zealand made with non toxic recycled plastic. Each pot is 3D printed and comes in 10 plus different colours.

  • Seed bombs - Packaged in a reusable organic muslin cloth bag, there are 6 large seed bombs in each pack. You don't need to "plant" seed bombs, just "throw and grow". Each seed bomb is uniquely designed to the preserve the seeds until conditions are ideal for germination, they break apart in the rain and contain all the nutrients and organic material needed to support germination.

  • Hand sanitiser - Tired of dry hands that smell like alcohol everytime you use hand sanitiser? Our alcohol free hand santiser will not only keep your hand feeling moisturised but you can pick a fragrance that you actually like.

  • Face Masks - Wearing one is the new normal so why not make it comfortable and breathable.

  • Room Sprays - Have a skinky situation? or just want to give a gorgeous scent to indoor space, linen or even yourself. Our natural room and body spray it perfect for any "smelly situation".

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