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Cartoon room signs

Cartoon room signs


Do you need help explaining to people where a room in your house is, or politely keeping people out of a room? Our 3d printed room signs are perfect to let people know or just to have a little fun.


Size - 6cm (W), 18.5cm (H), 0.25cm (D), with rounded corners.


Available in:

The Woman Cave

The Man Cave

The Grow Room

The Toy Room

The Private Room

The Pantry

The Exit

The Dunegon

The Fancy Room

The Makerspace

The Washroom

The Gaming Room

The Bathroom

The Sewing Room

The Secret Room

The Play Room

The Party Room

The Jam Room

The Workshop

... with more to come.


We suggest using blutack or removable 3M strips to affix them to your choice of surface.


Each sign is 3d printed in New Zealand with non toxic PLA recycled plastic.

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