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Car Products

Need a way to take away a smell in your vehicle or just want a nice smelling vehicle to get into choose from our three types of car diffusers

  • Gem diffusers - Shaped like a mini gem the fragrance will absorb into the wooden lid giving fragrance to your car. Refils also available. Size 6mls.

  • Car freshies - Made from aroma beads these car freshies come in a variety of shapes, colours and fragrances to add a little fun to your car.
    Size Small - Approximately 25g and Size Large - Approximately 50g

  • Wooden car diffusers - Laser cut from basewood use the roller bottle included to add fragrance to your car diffuser, need a little more fragrance just roll more on. Refils also available. Roller size 10mls.

Car diffusers - Gems

Car Freshies