Stainless steel pegs

Say goodbye to broken/sun damaged plastic pegs or mouldy wooden pegs!
These durable, unbreakable and rustproof little beauties may look small but they are mighty! A great addition to any zero waste household and they will last you years and years! These pegs are recycleable, plastic free and zero waste friendly.
Size 5
 - 5cm in length, 20 to a bag... perfect for your day to day laundry
Size 6.5
 - 6.5cm in length, 20 to a bag... reccomended for larger daily laundry such as jeans, trousers and bulkier items.
Size 8.5
 - 8.5cm in length, 10 to a bag... ideal for blankets and larger items
* If you live in coastal areas it is reccommended that you bring the pegs inside and rinse them with fresh water every 1-2 months.

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