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Wooden mala prayer bracelet with charm

Wooden mala prayer bracelet with charm


Our wooden mala bead  bracelet with metal charm features wooden mala prayer beads with a choice of 3 charms.


Wooden mala beads are beads used in meditation to count mantras, prayers, or intentions. They are meant to help you to remain focused.


Charms: Lotus, Budha and Ohm symbol

Lotus flower - symbolises purity, fertility, compassion, transformation, and spiritual enlightenment

Budha - symbolises good luck, peace and longevity. It can help us fight the negative energy, bring more positive energy, and help us overcome the troubles in life.

Ohm - symbolises peace, tranquility and unity. A reminder to slow down, relax, and be conscious of your breathe.


Material & Shape: 8mm round wooden mala beads with a silver charm

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