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Anti stress tea

Anti stress tea


Our Ayuvedic Anti Stress tea is a blend of loose leaf herbs and spices, a rich and slightly sweet blend ideal for anyone under pressure and needing a revitalising cuppa. Designed to ease and support naturally the effects of stress on the digestive system, Anti Stress herbs are blended along Ayuvedic principles. Liquorice root, the sweetening ingredient and Fennel both help provide natural support for the digestive system. Lastly cardamon and cinnamon, both of which are known to help with natural intestinal function. This colourful and wonderfully aromatic herb tea will surely become a favourite for balancing the stresses of modern day living. Or you could just enjoy this tea it's magnificent sweet herb flavour. 


Ingredients: Cinnamon, liquorice root, orange peel, fennel and cardamon.


To make: 1 heaped teaspoon for 200ml cup, add freshly boiled water, steep for 6 - 10 minutes then pour.


Available as a sample pack (approx 1-2 cups), 100g pouch (approx 35 cups) or 100g tin (approx 35 cups)

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