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Scoopies - Soy melt mini's (single fragrance) - 100g Jar

Scoopies - Soy melt mini's (single fragrance) - 100g Jar


What are scoopies you ask? Scoopies are mini mini mini soy melts that come with a little wooden scoop... scoop them into your burner to enjoy the fragrance... but what is so great and different about scoopies I hear you ask? well you can mix and match the scoopie fragrance to custom blend your own scent.

Want to add some Green apple to your Black cherry... you can, want to add some Strawberries & cream to your Cinnamon buns... you can, want to add some Fairy Godmother to your Ocean Breeze... YOU CAN!


Current shapes: Mini square, mini heart, mini skull, mini circle, mini stars, mini fruit.

Fragrances: Green apple, Flower bomb, Black amethyst, Bounty bar, Ocean breeze. Coconut, pineapple & vanilla, Fairy godmother, Strawberries & cream, Crushed lime & sea salt, Kiwi & peach, Blood orange & grapefruit, Black cherry, Bonita banana, Golden peach, Blue raspberry crush, Zesty orange, Four o'clock, Beach walk, Pink lotus, Ginger lily, Fresh linen, Hibiscus, Bonfire glow, Fruity & floral, Caramel, Classic vanilla, Cinnamon buns, Honey comb, Jaffa lollies, Violet and Iced Blueberry.


* To include more than one fragrance please see the *mutiple fragrance listing HERE

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