Custom Orders...

Do you have a great candle that has seen better days, a fantastic decorative container that you would love to get more use out of but dont know how or even have a wedding or baby shower that you would like to create a custom candle for?


* Candle refills - $5.00 per 100mls. Includes soy wax, fragrance, colour (if required) and a wick.

* Custom tealights - for weddings or special occasions; Includes the tealight case, soy wax, fragrance, colour (if required), wick,
   small bag, customised sticker & customised gift card.


  • 1-30 tealights - $3.25 each

  • 31-50 tealights -$3.00 each

  • 50+ tealights -$2.75 each